Fabian (28) is a young professional drummer from Germany. He graduated the pop course at the University of Music & Theatre in Hamburg and completed his drum studies at the University of Music in Osnabrück with a Bachelor of Arts. His longtime teachers were Wolf Simon and Jost Nickel, who have significantly influenced his playing. Further lessons with Ricky Lawson, Guido Jöris, Stephan Emig and the legendary studio drummer Curt Cress were also part of his studies.

Fabian works as a drummer and musical director in all popular styles of music, which leads him regularly to concerts and tours throughout Germany and half of Europe.




The Corona Virus has a firm grip on the culture and event industry. Almost all gigs will be canceled for the whole of 2020, universities / music schools are closed and lessons are only available online. If you are interested in online lessons, please feel free to contact me via “Contact”. I have more time than ever before! 🙂


As a sideman Fabian works/worked for national and international Artists like DJ BoBo (Mystorial Arena-Tour),  Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Phunkguerilla feat. Cosmo Klein, Ayke Witt, Ingrid Arthur (Weather Girls), greenbeats, Lara Maria Gräfen, Nico Gomez, Decoy, Fresh Music Live, Edita Abdieski, Marla Glen, Jesse Ritch, Makeda, Simon Oslender, Jesse Kolb (Snap!), Jeff Lorber, Jimmy Haslip, Reggie Worthy and many more. Since 2019, Panikpreis winner SEBEL has been relying on Fabian’s services on drums.

He is a permanent member of the band of up-and-coming pop-singer/songwriter K R O N E R and funk/soul group Tommy Schneller Band, which has received numerous awards for their records. With the Coverband LIVE AND FAMOUS he is playing corporate, public and private events throughout Germany.

In addition to working on stage, Fabian can also be heard on various studio and commissioned productions. From studio album, over promotional jingle to corporate campaign, everything is represented. The recording studios in which he has previously worked include Gaga Studio in Hamburg, Studiowerk Braunschweig, Watt-Matters Studio in Bielefeld, Funkhaus Studio in Berlin and DocMaKlang Studio in Osnabrück.

In 2015 the instructional book “Interactive Groove Concept” by bassist Daniel Hopf got released, in which he co-wrote.

Since 2016 he is teaching Pop-Drums at Musik- & Kunstschule Bielefeld, the biggest school for music and arts in Germany.

“The drummer should create a foundation on which the other musicians can rely on.”

Fabian is also on the road as a clinician giving workshops at music schools and drumfestivals. He was among the teachers at Drums’n’Percussion Paderborn 2018, Europe’s largest drum festival.

If one had to describe his style of playing, his drumming is always unpretentious and absolutely appropriate to the song, without losing the necessary own spice. “Every bandleader wants a drummer like Fabian!” says guitarist Gregor Hilden.

The drum magazine “STICKS” writes about him: “If you want to get some inspiration from the brilliant drumming, you should not miss the album “Rise Up”. Because drummer Fabian Koke shows great cinema of a playfully imaginative master class.“

Fabian is exclusively supported by:

Yamaha Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, VicFirth Sticks, Aquarian DrumheadsMr. Muff, Audix Microphones, Duende Percussion, Zoom ProductsAhead Armor Cases.

Reviews &


These interviews are available for download:


“The jazz rockers play at a musically high level. That sounds cool and genuine handmade and directs the view of a cheeky funky trio, who pulls the whole register of a dynamic fusion-mixture (…) Great cinema shows here drummer Fabian Koke, who not only excels technically, but also with inventiveness .“

Mindener Tageblatt:

(…) Particularly impressive is the performance of the 21-year-old drummer Fabian Koke, who already has an amazing technique, moves the trio confidently forward at any time and enriches the sound with all sorts of effects, rhythmic fills and loose and precise side thrusts (…). „

Drums & Percussion:

“On the album there is very energetic, dirty, imaginatively arranged and also virtuously played electro-funk of the first quality class (…) If some other album of one of the supposedly great would have this energy and goodness! (…) A real find!

Music: 5 out of 5 stars, Drumming: 5 out of 5 stars”


“Each musician brings in his own character here, and so creates a musical fireworks of the extra class.“


“If you want to get some inspiration from the brilliant drumming, you should not miss the album” Rise Up “. Because drummer Fabian Koke shows great cinema of a playfully imaginative master class.“



Yamaha Drums
(Hybrid Maple, Live & Tour Custom)

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
(Traditional, Hamer, Legend & Origin Dark)

VicFirth Drumsticks
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Mr. Muff
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Audix Microphones
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Ahead Armor Cases


Through a cooperation with the Watt Matters Studio, Fabian has the opportunity to record his drums in an outstandingly well-sounding space. Over the years, he has played on several productions in this studio, which is why one of his sets is always on site.

Please send inquiries to info@fabian-koke.de. Sound examples can also be requested by mail.


Normally there would be a lot of nice gig dates here, but almost all the gigs for this year have been canceled due to Corona or the ban on major events 🙁




For questions or requests for gigs, studio work or workshops, please send an e-mail to the following address: